about me

mother and partner
civil engineer
new zealander

about this blog

After a minor injury in 2007, I lived with chronic back pain for 2 years.  Writing about it helped me to understand how pain could take over my life.  Understanding helped me to claim my life back.

Although the pain descriptions make for somewhat harrowing reading, please know that I stopped having pain and haven’t had pain for years.  I am blogging about this now because maybe someone will recognise their patterns in my story and through this recognition, find a way out as I did.  Click here to start at the beginning.

In 2013, after pushing myself through a year of unrelenting pressure at work, my body had something else to tell me.  That story starts here.

The rest is uncharted.



9 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. BigLizzy

    […] I have to admit that at times, your blog posts were hard to read, because I have been down that road with you: Lots of sports injuries, bulging disks, a root canal that failed and spent a number of years mimicking sinus infections, poisoning my immune system, and nearly killing me several times, and then last year’s long bout with lots of painful blood clots (leg and lungs). Sigh. I get you on a cellular level, hon. If it weren’t for my overall excellent health (despite my size), I wouldn’t have made it through any of these things. You are a fighter, too! So glad that you are on the mend and feeling better. Many warm hugs to you and wishes for your continual healing.


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